Citizens for MRH Supports Prop K

Voters in the MRH School District are being asked to approve a $6.1 million bond issue this April.

From the district’s website:

The bond issue, known as Proposition K, includes $6.1 million for projects that will provide $1.75 million for land acquisition, site development and other related costs, and $4.35 million for construction of a new eight homeroom Preschool and renovation of the existing Preschool into a Kindergarten Center.

The MRH School District has seen massive improvements during the past 10-15 years, and as a result the area has experienced an influx of young families, many of whom chose the area specifically because of the quality of the schools, particularly the Early Childhood Center. Enrollment has increased dramatically in the ECC and Elementary school since 2005, pushing those facilities beyond their planned capacity.

When the last set of ballot issues, Props Y & S, were approved in 2010, the district asserted that it would not seek additional taxpayer funds for 5 years, and the district has made good on that promise.

Citizens for MRH stands in support of Prop K. We believe that the district officials have been good stewards of taxpayer funds, the community’s investments in the district have been worthwhile, and the proposed plan is a positive step forward.

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